Used 2-Post Car Lifts For Sale at Mechanic Superstore


If you are looking for a car lift, then you have come to the right place. We carry a huge selection of used 2-post car lifts at Mechanic Superstore and have all of the information you need to make the best purchase. The AMGO OH-15 two-post car lift is a great choice for heavy-duty lifting. This lift can lift up to 15000 pounds and is made of durable construction with a self-lubricating bush. Because of its high-quality parts and construction, you'll have to do less maintenance with this car lift.

AMGO Hydraulics

When it comes to car lifts, you can find a wide range of different models from AMGO Hydraulics. AMGO lifts are designed to fit many different needs, from single-post lifts to large multi-post lifts. The different types are available in a variety of weight capacities and power requirements. Mechanic Superstore stocks AMGO hydraulic car lifts in different sizes.

AMGO OH-15 two-post car lifts are ideal for heavy-duty lifting. This model can lift vehicles up to fifteen thousand pounds. The OH-15 features a heavy-duty design and a self-lubricating bush for added strength. It requires almost no maintenance and is a great option for heavy-duty lifting. It can even be used in a garage or workshop.

The OH-10 car lift is another AMGO product you can consider. Its asymmetrical design helps you enter and exit the lift easier. It is also less likely to dent doors when you're working on a car on it. The OH-10 is also equipped with automatic arm restraints, self-lubricating sliders, and a high-strength gear rack.

AMGO BP Series Base plate

AMGO BP Series Base plate used car lifts are a great way to perform routine maintenance on your vehicle. They're incredibly sturdy and are designed with your safety and convenience in mind. Whether you're a novice mechanic or a professional mechanic, AMGO has the car lift that will fit your needs. Mechanic Superstore carries an extensive line of AMGO lifts for sale and can help you find the right one to suit your needs.


Mechanic Superstore offers a variety of 2 post car lifts for sale, including the OH-15. This lift has an asymmetrical design that reduces door dents. It has a lifting capacity of 9,000 pounds and can fit in garages with up to 12.5-foot ceilings. These lifts have a wide selection of optional accessories, including combo packages.

The OH-15 two post car lift is an innovative product developed by AMGO. Its 15,000-lb lifting capacity and heavy-duty construction make it an ideal lift for professional mechanics. Its direct-drive design and self-lubricating bushings make it virtually maintenance-free. Overhead car lifts provide a clean floor when working on vehicles and also feature an overhead safety cutoff bar for additional safety.

Unlike other car lift types, the OH-15 2-post lift is easier to use for non-technical mechanics. You do not need to be a certified technician to use it. With the runways and four posts, almost anyone can use it. They also eliminate the need to manually position the vehicle, which eliminates the need to check the center of gravity and ensure an even lift.