The Ultimate Basketball Training Equipment at Strobe Sport

Disc cones are a versatile training tool for basketball. Use them to practice ball handling, footwork, and defense. They are much easier to transport and store than regular cones and they are considerably cheaper. Disc cones also give players a unique advantage, as they can be used by both players and coaches. Here's what to look for when buying these training tools. Here are some of the best ones you should consider.


The Flash Reflex (FRX) training feature of the BlazePod can help aspiring basketball players develop their skills and abilities. By incorporating bodyweight exercises, this basketball training equipment at Strobe Sport can improve movement, agility, and strength. Moreover, the BlazePods are UV-protected and water-resistant, making them practical training equipment for any weather condition. The Strobe Sport Blazepods basketball training equipment are available online at discounted prices, but ensure to buy the genuine product, as imitations have already appeared on the market.

The LED light pods in the BlazePod can be used for both home workouts and gym environments. These products can be used to build a professional training program for athletes of all levels. Whether you're training for a season or a game, this equipment is great for improving reaction time, agility, and power. With its 8 customizable colors, the BlazePods are perfect for a wide variety of sports training routines.

Dr Dish

When looking for the right basketball training equipment, you can't go past Dr. Dish basketball training equipment. These advanced machines provide players with a unique and interactive workout. The CT model features a 15.6-inch TOUCH screen and a patented swivel net system that allows players to shoot at various angles. The machine also records shots and helps players understand where they need to improve.

A complete dunk set is a must for any serious player. A complete dunk set and rebounding tools are essential basketball training equipment. Dr. Dish basketball training equipment at Strobe Sport includes pea whistles, dunk boards, recovery tools, and strengthening gadgets for every level. If you're serious about getting better, consider investing in a Dr. Dish rebounding system. It's one of the first basketball training equipments endorsed by FIBA and the AAU. Not only is it versatile, but it's also washable, so you'll be able to clean it up whenever you need.

PowerHandz gloves

If you are looking for the most comfortable basketball training gloves on the market, you need to consider the PowerHandz. These lightweight basketball gloves come with unique four-way stretch nylon back and don't feel constricting or tight. Even after a few uses, you'll barely notice that you're wearing them. The padding and ventilation on them make them comfortable and lightweight. But you should keep in mind that these gloves are not perfect. They can slip when you sweat.

The Powerhandz basketball training equipment is made for players who get sweaty easily. If your hands get sweaty, these gloves may be uncomfortable and might hinder your progress. That is why they're made with reinforced palms. Reinforced palms help to protect your hands from entropy and keep them comfortable. The gloves are also ventilated and have good breathability. Nylon is comfortable to wear and wicks away moisture.

Weighted basketball trainer

If you want to improve your forearm and wrist strength, consider using a weighted basketball trainer. This kind of training can help you improve your grip and shooting range while at the same time building muscle mass in those areas. Despite their name, these trainers are not meant to be substituted for a real basketball. You should still maintain proper shooting form while using them, as the new habits you learn during training will be reflected during your game.

If you're looking for a weighted basketball trainer that is compatible with your current equipment, you should check out the POWERHANDZ trainer. This trainer is made of premium woven polyester and will help you improve your ball handling skills. You'll also find a quick-drying and core-designed pants for basketball players, as well as a chrome-plated hand guard. These trainers are available at Strobe Sport and other sports equipment stores nationwide.