Shernett Swaby Has A Clothing Business In Chicago

Shernett Swaby, a Chicago-based fashion artist, has been creating clothes and enhancing the lives of women for over eleven years. Her work has been featured in international publications, television shows, and local magazines. She also travels extensively, meeting clients and styling for celebrities. Many of her clients are beautiful and confident women who love to be the center of attention. She has been professionally perfecting her craft for over eleven years, beginning in Canada. In addition to her local success, Swaby has also been a finalist on the NBC show, PROJECT RUNWAY.

Shernett Swaby is a Chicago-based fashion artist

Shernett Swaby is an internationally known fashion artist. She was born and raised in Jamaica. She attended the International Academy of Design and graduated in 1998. Her first collection of clothing was an underwear collection, which she sold in lingerie stores across Ontario. Later, she focused on developing her womenswear line. She now has a boutique in Chicago, located at 632 Queen Street West.

Her work is inspired by architecture and avant-garde design. Most of the Swaby pieces are handcrafted by Swaby, who calls them her "Swaby babies." The artist also promotes the idea of responsibly made clothing. For her Fall 2015 collection, Swaby has created a line of leather goods that feature her signature surface interest. Currently, Swaby sells her leather accessories at the store.

Shernett Swaby offers free alterations for the life of a garment

If you're looking for the perfect dress, shernett Swaby is the place to go. The Toronto-based designer and owner of two boutiques offers free alterations on all her clothing for life. In addition to free alterations, Swaby provides free lining and zipper replacement, as well as any other changes you may need for your new Swaby. Her motto is that every woman should feel beautiful, and she believes that a garment should fit her body perfectly.

The Swaby showroom sells custom made clothing. Free alterations are included in the price of each piece. This means you can update your wardrobe whenever you wish. This aims to provide an exceptional customer experience while keeping the costs of custom made clothing low. This means that customers can invest in quality, affordable clothing that is durable and can last for years. The company also believes in being environmentally conscious.

Shernett Swaby believes in confidence and beauty

Shernett Swaby, a Chicago-based fashion designer, believes that every woman should have the ability to feel beautiful. Her boutique, located at 632 Queen Street West, showcases her bold and daring fashion designs. The owner also believes in promoting a positive body image and believes that every woman is beautiful no matter where she's from. Shernett is also committed to helping other women feel beautiful, so she works to give everyone confidence.

Shernett Swaby's business started as a hobby. She sewed doll clothes at the age of eight. Since then, she's become a bespoke local fashion designer based in Chicago. Her first collection focused on men's underwear, but she eventually focused on women's clothing. Shernett Swaby's clothing has since been sold in more than 20 lingerie stores in Toronto.

Shernett Swaby has been awarded prestigious accolades

Born in Jamaica and raised in Canada, Shernett Swaby has made a name for herself in the fashion industry and created a black-owned business in Chicago. The acclaimed designer started learning to sew at an early age. She learned from her mother and eventually began her professional career. Her mission is to create wearable art that celebrates individualism. Swaby's work has been featured in local and international magazines and won her a top 5 finish on PROJECT RUNWAY Canada.

Shernett opened her first boutique in 1999 and opened her second location in Chicago in 2009. Today, the store caters to fashion-forward women. Many of the outfits available at Shernett's boutique are eco-friendly and free of alterations. Her business philosophy emphasizes sustainability. Despite her busy schedule, she manages to make her customers feel beautiful and comfortable. Hence, she is often awarded with prestigious accolades for her work.