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If you are in the mood for a delicious drink, you can order online from Mac's at 19 Broadway – Bars in Fairfax. Located on 19 Broadway, this spot features patio seating and live music on the weekends. Open-mic nights, Patio seating, and Lord Fairfax cocktails are just a few of the reasons to stop by Mac's. For the ultimate Fairfax experience, order a Lord Fairfax cocktail.

Lord Fairfax cocktail

Enjoy a perfectly crafted classic at Mac's at the Bars in New York City. Choose from the extensive cocktail list, which includes prohibition-style drinks. You can also check out their carefully curated craft beer selection. In addition to serving classic drinks, Mac's at 19 Broadway is also known for live entertainment. Whether you're looking for a date night spot or a night out with friends, you can find a perfect drink at Mac's at 19 Broadway.

The Lord's drink is a blend of bourbon, amaro, absinthe, gin, and lime juice. It is named after aristocrat Lord Charles Snowden Fairfax of Virginia. You can order this cocktail online or at the bar at Mac's at 19 Broadway. You can find more information about this cocktail and the bar on its website.

Open-mic nights

Open-mic nights are a popular feature at this Long-running Fairfax bar. The bar hosts live music as well as open-mic nights. The bar's atmosphere is casual, with patio seating. The bar offers beer, wine, and food, and there is a great mix of local talent. Open-mic nights at Mac's at 19 Broadway are especially fun.

The town of Fairfax is known for its active nightlife. There's live music nearly every night, with music from local rock bands and aristocratic patrons. While the town has changed considerably since the earthquake, many Fairfax businesses remain open. The 19 Broadway Bar and Nighclub features Americana, jazz, and roots through blues, and the Peri's Tavern is a popular place to hear local musicians.

Patio seating

With a longstanding history in Fairfax, Mac's at Nineteen Broadway is a great option for an after-work drink. Featuring live music and open-mic nights, this bar offers an easygoing, neighborhood vibe. If you're looking for a night out with friends, patio seating is a great option. The bar's history includes bringing great music to Fairfax and is known for featuring classic piano and guitar sounds.

Previously, Mac's at Nineteen Broadway was the center of Fairfax's rock scene, with live performances nearly every night. Both San Francisco aristocrats and local rock bands frequented the venue. Live music is still a popular feature, with local musicians performing classics and new riffs. There's a full bar, and the patio seating is a great way to enjoy the atmosphere while listening to a live band.


Mac's at nineteenth Broadway has returned to the community after closing its doors due to the pandemic. The former "Mayberry on acid" bar is run by David Ruiz, a veteran of San Francisco's craft cocktail scene. His bar features natural wines, hazy IPAs, and cocktails with bitter flavors. The former "Mayberry on acid" was a hot spot for hippies during the early 1970s.

Mac's at 19 Broadway offers a fun atmosphere and a swanky lounge with perfectly crafted classics and prohibition-style cocktails. It also features a well-curated craft beer and wine list. Named after a legendary bartender, Mac's has a rich history in Fairfax. Live music has been a staple of the bar for years, and it still features a Steinway piano.


The Long-running bar is a great spot for live music. It offers open-mike nights and patio seating. Its casual vibe is great for any type of group. You can order music online and enjoy a drink on your patio. Order online from Mac's at 19 Broadway a Bars in Fairfax today. Read on to learn more. Order music online from Mac's at 19 Broadway a Bars in Fairfax today!

Before the earthquake struck the Bay Area, Mac's at Nineteen Broadway was a mainstay of the Fairfax music scene. Local rock bands played here every night and aristocrats frequented the neighborhood. Even after the quake, the bar still hosted local rock bands. However, it had a difficult time attracting rock fans as the town was gentrified and more family-oriented restaurants emerged.